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New Mexico Youth Risk & Resiliency Data:


 In 2013, among NM high school students (grades 9–12):


31.3% were current marijuana users

8.5% used painkillers to get high

32% were current alcohol drinkers

25% drank alcohol before age 13

32.5% experienced persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness

17% seriously considered suicide

40.2% Texted or emailed while driving



In 2013, among NM middle school students (grades 6–8):


21.5% ever used marijuana

14.3% ever used inhalants

6.2% ever used painkillers to get high

10.8% first drink before age 11

30.2% ever had a drink of alcohol

20.9% thought about killing her or himself

46% ever bullied on school property


United States Youth Risk & Resiliency Data High School Comparison:


Mental Health Indicators:

Felt sad or hopeless in past 12 months:  NM 32.5%  US 29.9%

Attempted Suicide in past 12 months:  NM 9.4%  US 8.6%


Tobacco Use Indicators:

Smoked a whole cigarette before the age of 13 years:   NM 10.3%   US 6.6%

Ever used a e-cigarette:  NM 54.4%  US 44.9%


Alcohol Use Indicators:

Drank alcohol before the age 13:   NM 20.1%  US 17.2%

Binge Drinking:   NM 14.6%   US 17.7 US


Other Drug Use Indicators:

Tried marijuana before the age 13:   NM 16.5%   US 7.5%

Ever used cocaine:   NM 8.8%  US 5.2%

Ever used heroine:   NM 3.5%   US 2.1%

Offered drugs on school property in past 12 months:  NM 27.5%   US 21.7%




For indicators and statistics in your city in New Mexico, you can go to the New Mexico Youth Risk and Resiliency Survey homepage:



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